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From Adversity to Advocacy

Overcoming racial discrimination within grassroots football

Newham Panthers FC CIC Blog - Issue #2

Title: Taking a Stand Against Racial Discrimination in Grassroots Football

Dear Newham Panthers FC community,

In our ongoing journey towards fostering inclusivity and equality in football, we are confronted with a harsh reality: racial discrimination persists within grassroots football in England. It is with heavy hearts and a deep sense of responsibility that we announce our withdrawal from the league due to the systemic racial discrimination observed targeting young black boys by both the league and football governing bodies.

For far too long, we have witnessed talented young black players being unfairly targeted and subjected to discriminatory treatment solely based on the color of their skin. Despite their undeniable skills and dedication to the sport, these players have faced insurmountable barriers and unjust treatment, depriving them of the footballing opportunities they rightfully deserve.

The decision to withdraw from the league is not one we take lightly, but rather a principled stance against the institutionalized racism that plagues our footballing community. We refuse to be complicit in a system that perpetuates injustice and denies young black boys the chance to pursue their passion for the beautiful game.

The impact of racial discrimination extends far beyond the football pitch, leaving lasting scars on the lives of those affected. By denying young people the opportunity to play based on the color of their skin, we perpetuate a cycle of inequality and injustice that has no place in our society.

At Newham Panthers FC, we recognize that taking a stand against racial discrimination may come at a cost. But we refuse to remain silent in the face of oppression. Our decision to withdraw from the league serves as a reminder that the fight for equality and justice is far from over.

It is imperative that football governing bodies and leagues take immediate and decisive action to address racial discrimination within the sport. We call upon them to implement robust anti-discrimination policies, provide comprehensive diversity training, and establish transparent mechanisms for reporting and addressing incidents of discrimination.

As we navigate this challenging period, we remain unwavering in our commitment to creating a footballing community where everyone, regardless of race or ethnicity, is treated with dignity, respect, and equality. Together, we must continue to fight against racism and injustice, both on and off the pitch.

Thank you for standing with us in this crucial fight for equality and justice.


Newham Panthers FC CIC

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