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We are Newham Panthers Football Club! 

Inspiring young people | Newham Panthers FC | England

Through dedication and commitment our goal is to teach young players the skills required to be successful in the game of football by developing their natural skills and enhancing their understanding of all aspects of the game.

As a club, we aim to pay a strong emphasis on both character development and academic education in order to facilitate social, emotional and cognitive growth. 


We strive towards gender equality, and provide both boys and girls the opportunities to actively participate in all of our training sessions.   


As part of our commitment and dedication we intend to develop a cohesive club in which all individual players will work together as a team, develop & refine their personal skills to fulfil their roles in the team so that the team will develop and advance together towards excellence in the game of football. The club also strives to develop & refine the individual skills of the players that would like to further their careers in football.

We also believe that through the seasons the Players, Parents, and Coaching Staff become a football family and we strongly encourage parental participation both on and off the field with functions that develop camaraderie.

Football is everyone's game!

Our Mission

The foundation of Newham Panthers Football Club philosophy is: 

“Winning isn’t everything but striving to be successful is”. 

As coaches, we are committed to being positive role models. We believe that patience, understanding and a sense of humour play a significant role in the work that we do with your children. We are committed to developing each Player’s skills and techniques while teaching them the importance of not only respecting themselves but also their teammates and opponents. We hope to build a sense of togetherness both on and off the field where each Player will not only feel as an integral part of the Team but also one that is supported by their Teammates and Coaches. Most importantly we want to teach the Players to have a profound appreciation and love for the game. 

Our Vision

1. The football programme must be an integral part of our local community and one of which everyone can be proud of. 

2. We must do things the right way and win the right way. 

3. We must work hard and earn what we get. 

4. We must develop team unity and maintain a team concept. 

5. We must improve as individual players and as a team. 

6. We should have fun playing and practicing the game. 

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